About us? Really? Okay if you insist…

Drift Shenanigans started off with two friends who had a shared passion for motorsport in general but found their calling in the- well you guessed it, the drifting discipline.

Motorsport aside however there was another trait that was guaranteed to be shared between Devon and Kasey simply because they are Trinidadian and it’s just embedded in their culture- the eternal desire to be mischievous. The duo can always be found balls-deep in some silliness and eventually saw an opportunity to entertain and educate a worldwide audience in this high-spirited manner.

Hence the first video was created in January 2016 dubbed “Drift Shenanigans” which encompassed aspects that were both directly and indirectly related to their personal goals. Most importantly these videos showed that even when pursuing your passion there can be light-hearted moments to take away and make the journey a hell-of-a-lot more enjoyable.

Even with this in mind the videos for 2016 tallied to a mere count of two but bear in mind that the year was dedicated to orchestrating a full plan for these videos which eventually translated into DriftShenanigans.com.

As the plan grew exponentially into a business so did the day-to-day tasks and the need for a couple more mischief-makers became apparent. Taking this into consideration Farieed, Roger and Keon were invited to be part of the Drift Shenanigans core, it is most unfortunate that they accepted this invitation. Just kidding…all good fun fellas.

The very first Drift Shenanigans video…