DS's Old Boy on TriniTuner.com

DS’s Old Boy on TriniTuner.com, Yes that’s right our very own Farieed gets in on the lime light at TriniTuner.com in their recent reboot of the #2nrSnap series, an initiative where the general public or actual photographers can submit their photos and a short story to go with it.

Pretty cool stuff…

“These drift guys always know how to get a laugh out of someone- lately it’s  Farieed’s….erm “license plate” that had me chuckling and if that wasn’t cheeky enough the “Ask your mother” on his oil filter certainly would have done the trick. 

Taken yesterday while we at DriftShenanigans were hosting a casting for talent, just kidding we’ve already got enough of that so much so we were invited to the Wallerfield International Raceway to be part of a promo video for an upcoming GarageFresh meet, filmed by Ajodha Concepts…”


See the full post here on TriniTuner.com and see how you can get involved.


DS's Old Boy on TriniTuner.com



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