FormulaD's Ken Gushi: Blackvue'd
Image Source: KenGushi Press Release

FormulaD’s Ken Gushi: Blackvue’d

Drifting is a hard paced, tyre smoking, parts consuming, car destroying demon of a sport. BUT its oh so good, it should be considered a case for anger management. With Formula Drift providing the backdrop for such amazing angled antics in a safe, controlled  environment; its an absolute necessity to have good footage for both personal and professional uses alike. In steps BlackVue. Debuting last year with Ken Gushi and the Greddy Racing team, BlackVue showed their dedication to their products. Even going so far as to provide products for his street car, which was subsequently hit in a hit & run accident. Ken gave the footage to his insurance agency, which undoubtedly expedited the claims process.

In 2017, BlackVue’s marketing partnership with Formula Drift for the entire season is twofold, it allows them to showcase not only their product qualities but also feed this burgeoning automotive craft to the drift hungry masses on a global scale. BlackVue Apps are available for iOS and Andriod, which allows users to livestream from the Greddy Racing Team at the Formula Drift events.

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