Formula Drift held their 3rd event for the 2017 season at Road Atlanta. Usually the 2nd round of the season, Atlanta is considered a favourite by most drivers with its wide spread, downhill entries, quick run through the horse-shoe, and doubling back on itself to head back uphill to the finish. Qualifying was crazy as drivers pushed hard to impress the judges. Vaughn Gitten Jr hit those switches, activated that 3 wheel motion and blew every one away, nailing #1 qualifier. Saturday’s top 32 was hampered with sporadic showers, leaving the track patchy and teams adjusting their cars back and forth to match the uneven conditions. Top 32 saw the dismissal of points leader Fredric Aasbo and other heavy hitters like Ken Gushi, Justin Pawlak, Daijiro Yoshihara and even Odi Bakchis. The judging seemed a bit inconsistent and it cast a bit of confusion and discomfort.

But as soon as top 16 commenced it was a different show altogether. The horseshoe was a pool of smoke so thick you can almost dive into after every run, as they belted up into the horseshoe and dumped massive angle to get the inside clip. It came down to an Irish standoff in the finals as Dean faced Deane. The big brutish viper versus the agile s15. They battled tooth and nail, spat flame, mirrored, nudged, but kept on battling…no dirty moves. Just a straight Irish street fight, enjoyed by all, with James Dean coming out on top. Deane Kearney 2nd and Kristaps Bluss 3rd. Can’t wait for the next round.

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