Well it’s certainly been a while since we got out and had some proper Shenanigans- barring our weekly RC meets.

What started as a quaint little trip to Cars and Coffee 3 at your friendly neighbourhood Starbucks and meeting up with old friends eventually snowballed into some smoky shenanigans. Since we were invited by GarageFresh to be part of a promo video for the upcoming drags and car meet at the Wallerfield International Raceway.

Of course we sneaked in some sideways fun…

But more on that another time…here’s some of our favourite photos from the day.

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What a clean example of what an R33 should be…RPF01s et al. #YesPlease

Wonder if Devin would be willing to show us what his FD looks like sideways?

No really send them!!! @driftshenanigans

Creativity knows no bounds, S13 meets S15.

One of my favourites at Cars and Coffee, James’s very clean and unmolested Gemballa.


Love me a good Kouki!!!

Even in a powerful car this primate still struggles to make smoke…



That’s how it’s done bud…

Internal affairs…who’d win?

Yeah buddy!!!

Any one wants a professional idiot for rent? Inbox us.



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